Wednesday, January 28, 2015

ICB Philosophy

Community Commitment Since 1984

International City Bank (ICB), established in 1984, is a community bank dedicated to serving the financial needs of businesses throughout the greater Long Beach, Orange County and San Diego areas. ICB offers a wide range of deposit, investment, and credit services designed for businesses and professionals. But more than just individual products and services, ICB offers a friendly and knowledgeable staff – we know our customers, understand their needs, and work to help their businesses grow.

In fact, at International City Bank, "we invest in your success", and that means investing in our community as well as our customers. Our support for growing businesses is much more than merely a financial transaction. When we invest in growing businesses, we are helping those businesses achieve their dreams. When they succeed, the entire community succeeds, because these businesses are the engines of growth that provide jobs, taxes and payrolls to enhance the vitality and spirit of the community.

The ICB philosophy is based on establishing solid business relationships with our customers. We are not in banking simply to make loans and accept deposits. Great care is taken to anticipate every financial service or product our customers need. We don’t make decisions based solely on computerized formulas; we take the time to learn about our customers’ business in order to help it grow. As a community bank, we are unencumbered by the kind of large bureaucracy that small business owners find frustrating. Customers deal directly with decision-makers that know them personally.